My final year dissertation project in Sports, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences examined how three types of footwear affect our behaviour on step ascent and descent. It received a first class grade and is here in full (all 29 pages): Joshua Kearney UG dissertation


Parkinson’s Disease research proposal 
This assignment for a Psychology module, Rehabilitating the Brain, required us to produce a single page research grant proposal that presented a rehabilitation technique for a movement disorder. I chose to focus on Parkinson’s Disease and research into exercise rehabilitation conducted by Dr Quincy Almeida, whom I had the pleasure of studying under whilst in Canada. I did not come up with a novel treatment, but instead focused on an interesting caveat in the findings that could provide greater insight into the underlying mechanism of basal ganglia (dys)function.

Rehab the brain grant proposal CW Joshua Kearney


Neuroimaging essay
I learnt so much from the final year Psychology module, Neuroimaging: A Toolbox for Understanding the Human Mind. Not only did it provide an incredibly useful and practical overview of imaging techniques, but it provided an amazing insight into the human brain and its incredible functions. Here is my essay on how resting-state activity studies reveal much about the brain’s functional networks:

Resting-state activity and brain networks


Antibiotics resistance report
A documentary made at the end of second year for Liberal Arts and Sciences module, Challenges for Modernity, Saving Humans. Dealt with camera problems and late nights editing during an intense exam period to produce this 13 minute piece tackling the increasingly urgent problem of antibiotics resistance. Proud of what we achieved in the end, and it was an incredible learning experience!


Red Bull and sports performance
An examination of the evidence for using the renowned energy drink to improve sports performance in soccer players, completed for a nutrition module at university in Canada: Red Bull case study